iReform's Mission

We are an education focused organization whose mission is to mobilize parents, students, and community stakeholders for one purpose-- substantial and sustainable improvement of student outcomes for Newark schoolchildren.

iReform's Work

Parent and Family Engagement is the core Element of iReform's Vision. iReform aims to harness Newark's rich history of parent activism and advocacy through our unprecedented Parent Academy model. The program is available to any Newark Resident who is a Parent or Primary Care Giver of a student enrolled in the city of Newark.

Achieving success for Newark Students through effective family and community engagement. iReform's only agenda is improving student outcomes.

We believe in excellent public schools for every child, whether it is a traditional public school or a public charter school. and  empowering parents by giving them a meaningful and educated voice. 

 iReform's Values

“While in iReform’s Parent Academy I learned how to NOT divide Charter and Public Schools. We all need to come to a resolution on how to educate our youth, they all deserve a better future. Let’s find new approaches to old issues.  I will be the first to say it starts at home. My children are not far from graduating so I’m looking forward to change.”


Rosalind Taylor

Parent- Camden Street Elementary

Parent Impact in Improving Schools

"I learned in the iReform Parent Academy that we can’t blame the schools and board if, as parents, we aren’t involved enough.  My main focus is my child’s education and I understand this needs to be put first. iReform understands this as well; so collaboratively we can come together and put forth the effort that is required to ensure all students in the City of Newark are important.  I promise to share information about iReform to other parents in hopes that they too will join our team and put our children first."

Neoshi Baker

Parent- Lady Liberty Academy

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